Mobile UI UX

I always like to think of new solutions to the problems and challenges that affect the lives of people in our society.

With our schedules busy with a lot of meetings and things to be done, many people experience a lack of time and problems with tasks management, so would be possible optimize this all with one simple app?


What is TimeTask?

Time task is a to-do app that helps you manage your daily tasks and can also be used as a time management app.

Time task learns with your usage by itself, and suggests the best tasks to do
wherever you are.

You do not have to configure anything.

My role

This is a project I design for myself in my free time as an exercise. I worked in all the phases, from conception to final design.

Why would you use Timetask?

Let’s check this short story and see how Timetask would help:


Meet David, he has started using Timetask about 2 weeks ago.

He’s a young exportation manager who works in Manhattan, but lives in New Jersey.

Everyday, David wake up around 7am, have breakfast and then goes to the Train Station, but today, before David left, a notification appears in his smartphone:


“Did you put the garbage out?”


At the Train, his smartphone says:


“You have about 1 hour before get to work, why don’t you keep reading The Servant? “


When he’s close to his work, about 8am, Timetasks shows a message:


“Well, let’s have a look at what you have to work on today”


He looks at his tasks, and choose one.


Timetask already know when he usually goes to lunch, so when is 12:30 it says that “it’s time to lunch“. Outside the building, it also tell him that he must “Check the wrong debit” at his bank.


When he’s back to work, the app will suggest some tasks that can be done before 6pm, based on priority.



When he leaves his work and goes back to his town, Timelasks will suggest him to “buy eggs”, so he goes to the market before home.

Key Features

Timetask is a smart to-do app and that’s why you’ll love use it:


  • It’s simple and easy to add your tasks
  • You can add repetitive tasks just once
  • You do not need to configure anything, it learns how to do it by itself
  • You can use it as a time manager
  • You can add your own labels to your tasks, after a while Timetask will learn the corresponding behavior and will know what to do.

Interaction phase


After that, I start wireframing.

Check it out the main structure and how some features should work: 



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User Interface

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