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MJV  has published the book “Design Thinking – Business Innovation” and they challenged me and Renan Cammaronsano (@beikbeik) to create tools that could be extensions of the book.


As designers, we are used to create personas. It helps think in scenarios, interactions and to understand for who we are designing for, so we thought if it was possible to create an app that would easily help create and describe personas.

The Concept

We made a brainstorm  and we created some initial sketches in order to imagine the possible interactions and how the app could work.





After validate if the app was interesting we got the approval to keep developing the idea.

We started creating a few prototypes:


Usability tests

We ran a few tests in order to understand if the navigation was working fine and if the app was easy to understand for people who were not used to designing process.

9f66dc102554f81ba5efe3e51c83c4e1Final Product

Though usability tests we discovered what was working properly and what was not performing well. We reviewed our designs and started creating the final interface of the app.

The illustrations were created by Maria Beatriz.


Home Screen


Creating a persona


Editing the characteristics


Exporting the persona


Today, Persona Maker is available for free for iPad at the Appstore.

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