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Passei Direto is the world’s biggest academic network.

Their main goal is to connect students to knowledge.

With more than 3 million students, companies were interested in finding and recruiting their best students.

“Companies are always looking for great talents.
Interns and trainees are persons that can be molded by the business culture.”

My role

As the only designer for this project, my role was to build the product from scratch. In order to do that, I had to perform both as UX and UI designer.
The goal was to build a web based software that would allow companies to create job opportunities, find students and track their applications, notify and send messages to students about the positions they have applied for.


The Process

In order to understand better what our customers needed, I started doing some research about what the solutions they had been using and the goods and bads of each solution.

I discovered that the process to offer positions to students is very complex and consume a lot of time. Basically, when a company decide to open a traineeship position, they have to disclose it in a lot of different websites, send it to universities and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. Thereafter, they must wait for the right student to find the open position and then a recruiting process begins, sometimes it lasts long because it comprehends lots of steps, tests and email contact.

They can also hire another company to find these students, but even so, the other company will do the same process.

Based in a few interviews with customers, I created these 3 personas that were the base to start creating our product.


After some brainstorm with my team, we decided that our product diferencial would create a tool that makes the process of finding students a lot easier.

Since there were more than 3 million students already using Passei Direto, We realize that our product needed a powerful search that would allow companies to find students and filter the results by university, course, grades, location, age and others.

First diagram about what our product should have and how people would use it


First Wireframes




First Prototypes

I created some simple and quick prototypes in order to validate if the our solution would work properly and also, if it was simple enough to our users to understand it.
In this phase, even working as UI designer, my goal was not to create a perfect User Interface. I needed to understand if the solutions I had been designing were useful.
By that time I tested if the navigation was working fine, if we would really need a sidebar and if the text was simple to read, etc.


Initial Prototypes


We ran this prototype for a few weeks and after verifying positive and negative feedbacks, I started designing the User Interface.

Undoubtedly, the interface has been changing during the year I was part of the team, as long we realized that many tasks could have been simplified and optimized.

To summarize this project, these are the last screens I had been working on until my last day in this project.

Final Product


Landing Page

Dashboard e Página de busca


CV Page

Manage candidate creating groups


Send messages to candidates

Thank you for your time.

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